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Dr. Expando Files: AmiYumi Beach Boobage

Early in the morning, Dr. Expando woke up and checked his email inbox once again, finding out that Ami and Yumi would not mind joining them on the beach. "Oh boy..." Expando thought to himself, "Something tells me that they enjoy growing.... well, Ami anyway. Well, this'll be fun." Grabbing two coolers, he filled one of them up with fruity potions in soda bottles; the second cooler having only the regular kind. Expando also picked up what appeared to be a super soaker, and then heading off to meet the two at the beach.

Ten minutes of driving later, the two came upto the beach where Ami and Yumi were waiting, with Ami's bikini having the same theme her dress did, with Yumi's dark purple bikini having a skull on the top as well. The two saw Expando come in with the two coolers, unaware of the concealed soaker cannon he has packed up. "Hi hi!" The two greeted, with the doctor replying with a sheepish "Hi girls" as he sat down. "I also brought the drinks in case you're thir... Oh, ok." Expando couldn't quite finished, as the superstar pokemorph duo took from the expansion cooler. The doctor took a soda from the regular cooler, then watched as Ami and Yumi tapped their bottles together as they drank, looking forward to the fine summer; The duo's breasts began growing as the two drank, with Yumi stopping drinking when she saw that the soda was making them grow... albiet two feet wide as she only drank part of the bust growth soda. "Lemme guess, the growth's temporary." Yumi grumbled a little, looking at her puffed up breasts with dismay. "You'll be back to normal in no time... just as long as you don't drink too much of... it."

Ami, haven drinken at least three of the expansion sodas, began slowly growing in the bustline by the inch. "Huh? What is in this stuff anyway?" Ami asked, much to Yumi's head-tilting bemusement, "It feels comfy though, refreshing too." Ami kept on giggling, with her breasts reaching the size of medicine balls upon stopping, with her hips and butt cheeks only swelling up six inches wider as the growth was slowing down. Yumi shrugged and finished up the rest of her bust growth soda, with the growth going right up to medicine ball-sized. "Well... it is feeling kind of good... I guess." Yumi said, not seeming interested in getting bigger as she turns to Expando, "Feel free to... massage us I guess." "I'll pass." Expand replied, "I'm... on a vacation myself." "Suit yourself, then." Yumi shrugged, before lying down on top of her boobs to catch some tan, thinking "No way there would've been a possible lightweight formula for... this." Expando laid down right next to Ami, who ended up pinning him under her swollen breasts whilst drinking more of the soda, ending up growing larger over him whilst he was still under the blaziken girl's breasts. "Oh, goody... this is gonna be a fun summer." Expando thought, shrugging as Ami and Yumi enjoyed their time sunning themselves on the beach shore.

Dr. Expando Files: AmiYumi Bea by wildtraveller

/ / / / ©2011-2016 wildtraveller
A second prequel story for :iconambipucca: concerning pokemorphed Ami and Yumi... only with bust expansion this time.

Well, enjoy.

Ami, Yumi, and HiHi Puffy AmiYumi - Cartoon Network
Blaziken and Swampert - Nintendo
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May 6, 2011
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